Style in London, Tweed Run 2014.

 On the 17th of May Tweed enthusiasts gathered in central London for The Tweed Run, celebrating the unfinished woollen fabric that has its routes engraved into British fashion.

Participants accessorised their outfits with spectacles, monocles, and tobacco smoking pipes, to capture the essence of tweed fashion and culture, before embarking on a bicycle ride around the streets of London.

The timelessness of tweed was reflected through the age range of those who turned up at the tweed run, with whole families sporting their Sunday best.

As the bicycles rolled through the streets, the hip flasks came out and the crowd got merry. Classic leather shoes pedalled penny-farthings, and vintage vélo’s, with Harris Tweed, and Cording’s pieces being spectated by the surprised public.

A strong look for men comprised of Pringle and mustard socks, pulled over Breeks buckles with garters holding it all up together. Shirts, Ties, Bow ties, and cravats, helped polish up outfits which put into practice the etiquette of the tweed run, a reflection of the iconic British Gent.  

Cups of brew were sipped through well-groomed moustaches and beards on the ‘famous Tea Break’. One tweed reveller had finely twisted his moustache into points and wore a deerstalker hat, truly appropriating the tweed fashion into a modern look.

Flat caps, bowler hats, and fedoras topped most heads at the run, but men who chose against wearing headpieces had combed back hair reminiscent of wartime Britain.

The Tweed Run 2014 brought a spectacle of vintage style to the streets of London, and reminded the public of a timeless fashion that can be incorporated into every modern trend. The cheerfulness of the crowd mixed with immaculate style made for one of the happiest fashion events on the calendar.